What People Are Saying


Our daughter Anna started to study with Rachel in 9th grade and by her Senior year she was a Concertmistress of her High School orchestra, achieved a perfect NYSSMA score and regularly earned a spot in the Area All-State Orchestra. She is the inspiring person who makes the student see the world outside the box.

Michael and Alena Kunz, Yorktown Heights, NY


I always feel that Evans cheers me on and inspires me with her spirit and positivity, not just teaching how to play notes or scales, but how to mentally prepare for success, no matter the subject area.



Rachel’s coaching ability is exemplary. She inspires us to excel in ensemble by guiding us to listen to ourselves and to each other. Her unique approach to music analysis embellishes our understanding of the art form…



Quartet coaching from Rachel has opened up me up to understanding the meaning behind the notes on the page.  She infuses her coaching sessions with incredible musical insight, energy, compassion, wisdom and joy.